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About me

As a kid in school I started performing arts; stand up comedy, improv theater, and various forms of story telling. Towards the end of my primary education, I was introduced to Pathfinder and realized that it was the greatest experience of my life. Slowly I began to expand into different editions of Dungeons and Dragons as well as many Tabletop RPG's. I spend plenty of time running home games for my friends and other individuals since becoming a professional TTRPG Player on Twitch and want to bring that same open experience to others. With more than decade of story telling as a Game Master and Player, along with writing my own stories I find it enjoyment in creating content unique for the experience. Running one shots and full adventures inspired by video games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and For Honor and by anime / Shonen Jump. I took on the persona of "Casual" to ensure that each game comes with low pressure but high energy at all times so that everyone is welcome and everyone has a good time.

GM style

As a professional improv theater performer, I love nothing more than roleplaying and getting deep enough into character to use various voices, accents, and sound effects at every passing moment. However, I am also equally a fan of intense tactical combat and will provide players with the challenges that get them thinking and reward them for quick thinking.


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