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About me

Hello there! My name is Isaac Quimpo, aka Isapo. As a child, I loved to use my imagination to create characters and tell stories by playing pretend. I engrossed myself in fandoms such as Star Wars; Marvel; DC; and Bionicle. I wouldn’t say that I could tell you everything about the lores of these fandoms, but my love for each of these worlds gave me a desire not just to learn about everything there was to know but also to make my own stories. I want to one day write books, but I just can't seem to sit down and write. But ever since I got into D&D, I’ve had an outlet that I could focus my passion on; be it as a player or as a GM. I’m still new as a GM and I decided to take the next step and run games on a more regular basis. I have been playing D&D for five years now and I want to host games and tell fantastic stories. My favorite stories from fiction are ones with the Hero's Journey, where the protagonist is called to adventure and rises to stand against evil. I want to take players on this journey and work with them to create epic and fun adventures.

GM style

My GM style is quite flexible where I balance roleplay with interesting combat. I am the biggest fan of the player characters and I want my players to have the time of their lives each session. I also try to encourage my players to join me in telling the story and will open it up to them to describe the killing blow, give monsters funny nicknames, and use their imagination to add to the scene. When it comes to combat, I like to customize npcs and monsters to create unique encounters and give my players a challenge, but only because I can’t wait to see how they overcome each obstacle. I also love the one-on-one duel between the hero and their nemesis, so if there is a climatic moment for a character I want it to be as grand and climatic as I can. I’m still rather new to TTRPGs so I try to learn from playing with other GMs to pick up what I can from them to improve my games or add new monsters to use. I also love to make my own maps so that each encounter is unique.

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