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About me

With over 23 years of Dungeon Mastering under my belt, I've delved into the depths of every published edition of D&D since 3rd edition. My games are rooted in a meticulously crafted homebrew world, a diverse tapestry almost two decades in the making. This "kitchen-sink" setting ensures flexibility, enabling players and fellow DMs to integrate characters, stories, and elements from any realm or setting, ensuring a unique experience each session. My most recent endeavor? Translating all 5e published adventures into the mesmerizing Spelljammer setting, beginning with the freshly released "Phandelver and Above". Dive into a universe where every narrative, old or new, can find its niche. Join me for an adventure like no other.

GM style

Delving deep into a world of my creation, my GM style embraces a harmonious blend of roleplay and combat. With a penchant for lively character voices and quirky mannerisms, I strive to offer my players an immersive experience that's both memorable and fun. While I lean towards indulgence and leniency, allowing rule-bending for innovative play, be warned: every action has consequences, and what you can exploit, your adversaries can too. Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of genres – from spine-chilling horror and profound existentialism to high-magic fantasy, magi-punk, and traditional realms – my campaigns promise variety in every session. While a sense of light-hearted humor is a staple in my tales, I gracefully pivot to heavier themes should my players steer the narrative that way. In essence, my games are a dance of mirth and might, where every player's choice shapes the story's course.

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