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About me

I've been running games in every medium (tabletop, larp, and pbp) and system for 20+ years - and playing for more than 30. I can run almost any game. I am always open to 3rd party and homebrew. I don't accept it blindly but I won't turn it down out of hand. I have a special fondness for weird fantasy and body horror but I can do almost anything. As I have found over the many years of being a Perma-GM. And I figured that if I am going to be a Perma-GM, I might as well get paid for it. I believe strongly in Safety Tools and Session 0s (which I will never charge for). I am very much against gatekeeping, ableism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and all such things. Discrimination enrages me. I am actively opposed to these ideologies. And I tend to make my bad guys agents of said 'isms and phobias. I mean... who doesn't like to punch Nazis? Outside of gaming I have degrees in Psychology, Criminology, and Marine Biology. The moment we get a dolphin serial killer I am set. I was - many pounds, injuries, and chronic illnesses ago - a competition boxer, kickboxer, and grappler. I love to read. Especially weird fantasy or sword and sorcery.

GM style

I am primarily a Creator type GM. I love making interesting settings and creatures and magic items for my players to encounter and interact with. I love weaving in threads of dark fantasy and horror into my games but that doesn't mean my games are all grimdark. There will be jokes and light hearted moments. I like wonder as much as I do dark fantasy or horror.


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