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About me

I've been a DM for over 10 years, started playing 3'rd edition & have been going since. I have always enjoyed the amazing stories that come from d&d and want to share that experience with everyone.

GM style

I like to mold the adventure to fit the characters, so don't feel concerned if 'the party doesn't have a healer/tank/professional chef'; the story is about the player characters, and the universe will adapt to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding regardless of your chosen role. I enjoy using character voices when speaking from the perspective of NPCs, though by no means are they a mandatory feature. Combat will definitely have a good deal of crunch to it; the world can be a dangerous place, and enemies will act according to their own statistics, desires, and goals. I am most at my element in the homebrew setting of Morta, a continuous pet project of mine over the past 20 or so years. However, I am open to running Modules as well. Specifically, I am familiar with Curse of Strahd, any other modules would require a little additional prep time to familiarize myself with the material.


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