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About me

Hi there! I am Ashiq! I'm a very passionate worldbuilder and storyteller. I currently set all my campaigns inside my own homebrew world where I am now running 2 campaigns and have run countless one-shots within. The story told changes from group to group but all of your actions affect the world in meaningful ways from as small as giving a farmer 10 gold to a few months later owning the land and offering you aid. I have 2 years of experience as a worldbuilder and DM but I have been deep in the rabbit hole almost every day. The world expands every day with Astral Elves arriving after exploring the Netherspace all the way to new deities being discovered and religions forged. If you ask me a question I will have an answer or be able to make one up for you that makes sense. My hope is that I can create lasting memories for my group and the occasional heartfelt moment here and there. I focus on the story and the PCs because without you I'm just writing a book.

GM style

The most fascinating thing for me a DM is that my players could do whatever and I need to quickly figure out what I'm going to do. It keeps me on my toes. I found out quickly that you can't plan for everything but having an A-Z is my job but it's up to you to find your path. I thrive when I'm improvising and to be honest that's how my world became what it is. The rule of cool is very heavy in my campaign but I do try and have a firm grasp on the rules. If I don't know I'll find out and I love running engaging combat for my players. See a rock formation about to collapse? If you do anything that moves the room that rock formation drops, want to use it to your advantage? Go for it! I'm here to give you a mix of amazing RP along with engaging combat.


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