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It all started a long long time ago in the darkest of dungeons. A Teenagers basement! As a kid of about 13 I was first introduced to D&D by my cousin. We spent countless hours in his basement rolling dice, making up grand adventures and escaping the dregs of the world outside. Since those glory days of AD&D- 3.5e life inevitably pulled us in separate directions away from that nerdy haven on our own adventures in reality. I always missed it, and I had the same problem that most likely brought you to this site. Where can I find people to play with and even more importantly who will DM? Finally with the release of 5e I decided I had waited long enough! I would take up the mantle and bear the burden of the crown so that others would have to wait no longer! I began to consume every piece of content I could find! I binged on critical role, practiced goblin voices in the shower, listened to podcasts and youtube tutorials, read every source book I could find, scoured reddit and the dms guild, and performed villainous monologues to my dog. All of it to slowly hone my skills as a storyteller, nay a story-crafter! As a musician, twitch content creator, aspiring voice actor and teacher I strive to utilize all my skillsets in my games. I have been playing TTRPG's for about 20 years and GM/DM'ing for about 10. I wont lie when I say it’s a labor of love, but I guide others to a treasure I rarely get to possess and that is its own reward! My hesitant step into the seat of Dungeon Master has become my obsession I have collected miniatures, terrain, books, lore, pages and pages of homebrew content, and a roll 20 account brimming with battle maps and adventures! I have DM'd for both veterans and 1st time players and look forward to crafting stories with you too!

GM style

🔮🐉🎭I strive to create a game that engages and challenges my players by balancing all elements of the TTRPG's that I love. 🧝🧌🧟‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧛🧚‍♂️Personally I really enjoy voicing my NPC's ranging from silly to serious. Roleplaying and describing epic scenes or heroic deeds in battle are some of the ways I like to make my game immersive. ⚔️ Keeping combat quick but engaging is important to not bog down the game so I strive to follow the rules and game mechanics as close as possible without being overbearing and I make an effort to teach new players without overwhelming them. 🪄Customizing the campaign or session to the players is something I pride myself at doing well. Certain aspects of the game might be fun to one group or player that may seem tedious to another. Therefore, it is important to assess the needs and desires of each player at the table and maintain open communication before, during and after the game.


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