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Hello Adventurers! I'm i3ong, a Dungeon Master with over a decade of experience in weaving tales, crafting epic journeys, and guiding players through the fantastical realms of Dungeons & Dragons. My journey as a DM has been filled with unforgettable adventures, unique characters, and thrilling challenges. Now, I'm excited to share this experience with you! Why Join My Games? -Decade of Experience: I bring over 10 years of DM experience to the table, ensuring rich storytelling and engaging gameplay. -Customized Adventures: Each game is tailored to the players, making every campaign unique and memorable. -Inclusive and Friendly: My table is a safe space for players of all backgrounds and experience levels. Newcomers are always welcome! Specialties; -Epic Storytelling: My narratives are filled with intrigue, mystery, and excitement, keeping players engaged and immersed. -Dynamic World-Building: I create worlds that are not just backdrops but integral parts of the adventure, full of life and opportunities for exploration. -Character Development: I encourage and facilitate deep character growth, making each character's journey personal and impactful. Join My FREE Discord Community! For a taste of my DM style and to join a community of fellow D&D enthusiasts, come check out my Discord server at Here, you can participate in free games, discuss strategies, and connect with other players. Ready for Adventure? Whether you're looking to embark on your first quest or you're a seasoned adventurer seeking new challenges, I'm here to guide you through an unforgettable D&D experience. Let's roll the dice and see where the story takes us! Looking forward to seeing you at the table! i3ong, Your Dedicated Dungeon Master

GM style

A Perfect Blend of Roleplay and Combat: I believe in a balanced approach where roleplay and combat complement each other. Expect your character's story to influence battles, and battles to shape your character's journey. Immersive Roleplay: I encourage deep character development and interaction. Your character's motivations, background, and decisions matter significantly in the world I create. Strategic Combat: Combat in my sessions is not just about rolling dice. It's about strategy, creativity, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your character and your foes. Narrative Depth: The storyline is key. I craft narratives that are rich, engaging, and full of twists to keep you on your toes. What to Expect in My Sessions; Cliffhanger Endings: My sessions often end with a "cliffhanger", ensuring you're always eager for the next episode in your adventure. Integration of Story and Action: I seamlessly integrate story elements into combat, making each encounter meaningful and story-driven. Collaborative Storytelling: Your choices and actions directly influence the narrative, making each session unique and personalized. Why Play in My Campaigns? Unpredictable Adventures: You'll never find yourself bored or knowing what to expect next. Each session is a new surprise. Character-Driven Stories: Your character will grow, evolve, and impact the world in significant ways. Community of Like-Minded Players: Join a group of players who appreciate a good balance of roleplay and combat, where your enthusiasm for both is shared and celebrated. Ready to dive into a world where every session is a thrilling blend of story and combat? Join me, and let's create an unforgettable adventure together!


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