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About me

Storytelling and adventure. That’s what it’s all about, right? Unless it’s not, and it’s about loot and sneaking. So… Storytelling, loot, adventure and sneaking. With firebolts. Always. 

 Hey. I’m an award winning theater director (“Sam”) who lives his best life in the lands of D&D, bringing a host of skills developed from my career… to the table. As a kid, I obsessed over Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. As an adult, I stay up late reading about Nilbog’s. We change, but we don’t. 

 I live for the unexpected stories that grow out of roleplaying games and strive to facilitate exciting experiences for all my players.

GM style

My games tend to lean into roleplay, character and atmosphere, but also have a healthy respect for both strategic combat and working out how many tents the party are going to need. But I also like to adapt to the needs of my players and believe that most kinds of play can coexist together and that variation is key. Tone? Serious, silly, dramatic and daft. I firmly believe that all tones are absolutely necessary for a great adventure.


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