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About me

Hello, friends! My name is Hannah (they/them) and I have been running TTRPGs for over ten years for every age of audience--from 8 year-olds rolling their first set of dice to 60-year-olds who haven't ever played online before but are discovering the magic in a whole new way. As of 2024, I am now a certified therapeutic game master. Some core elements of my gameplay: - Spotlight character development with emotional roleplay - Cinematic storytelling with images and soundscapes - Wild hijinks, flexible storytelling, and weekly mood checks Inclusivity, player initiative, and shared respect are put first at my table. My goal as a GM is to create a space where you are able to follow the heart of your story and share it with others. So join me! And let's tell your story together.

GM style

In our games, you can expect atmospheric roleplay with deadly environments and out-of-the-box puzzles. We're not just telling a story, but telling a story with you as the main character--with all the thrills and triumphs and dangers that come with taking that role. If you like any of the following things, you'll find my games satisfying: šŸ§™ Roleplay: Big emotions with deep backstory connections. Inspiration is awarded for impactful moments or hilarious hijinks. šŸŒŽ Worldbuilding: Open worlds with swoon-worthy or adoptable NPCs. Custom art and maps with soundscapes. ā˜ ļø Combat: Fast-paced combat with high stakes that can be cut short with creative solutions. šŸ—£ Voice Acting: Terrible accents and silly facial expressions come with the package. šŸ“š Play-by-Post: All shopping trips and character therapy sessions happen in the downtime between sessions. šŸ“œ Table Rules: Rule of cool and homebrew mechanics paired with milestone levelling. Possible Goblins LLC deeply prescribes to "respect boundaries" in our games and we will always send an RPG Consent form before the game to ensure we are meeting you at your comfort level.


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