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33 years
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About me

I have been organizing tables for role playing games for over 30 years. Some of my campaigns have spanned over 2 dozen simultaneous players covering 6 storylines on the same timeline. From one-shots to campaigns as the principle GM that have lasted up to 8 years long term. I have even designed my own rules and worlds to play in. I am also an experienced performer and improviser and love to entertain others by sharing some of my favorite songs and tales. I want to help players unlock their next level of experience in gaming. From new beginners to seasoned veterans looking to break in to livestreamed gaming, let's work together to find the next step in your heroic journey.

GM style

I like to build my style around my player's preferences and skill level. I enjoy 'doing the voices', often create new art for sessions, and balance my encounters to ensure the time spent number crunching is proportional to the interest in the game mechanics. My playing style is also dynamic, and I work with players to help them reach beyond their comfort zones into new layers of the roleplaying experience.


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