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Jared Null

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Rule of Cool

About me

ALLY Lifelong gamer Proud author of Kaizoku! RPG The things that make games memorable aren't the dice rolls, but the stories behind them. Sure, if we begin with a game of tactics, there's a chance a great story will develop. But if we begin with an interesting and authentic story, we can bestow even the simplest decisions with immense gravity, or discover unexpected charm. I started running TTRPGs in the 80's, beginning with that bright red fantasy box set and eventually playing every game and genre I could get my hands on. In the 90's, I started Storytelling for LARPs-- among the first (Moustique Noir) and largest (ISTG) in California. Eventually I moved to Las Vegas and started running games for new friends every day, as a table games dealer, instructor, and supervisor. In 2021, I released the first playable draft of my own game called Kaizoku! RPG, a rules light cartoon pirate game. In the decades that games have been a focal point in my life, I've learned that games of all types can be an art, but also a skill that can be improved with time, effort, and play. It seems to me now that the time and effort are already invested-- so it must be time to play!

GM style

Character and story are everything! In adventure games, that means narrative focused play and shared world-building. In horror, that could mean old-school brutalism and a folder full of backup characters. In any case, expect a well-textured world that you can immerse yourself in as much as you're comfortable with. I like a game world with a straight face and tables full of laughter. Safety tools include Lines and Veils and X Card equivalents, plus a session zero/pregame discussion of our expectations and limits. Games are run on Foundry VTT, hosted on The Forge, using an integrated LiveKit A/V server. There is no software to download. Audio is required, video is preferred. (Be advised that Foundry is very reliable on PC, but sometimes doesn't play well on tablets or phones.) Action and combat are Theatre of the Mind exclusively.

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