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About me

Hello! I am Mateo or "Adaero" online. I am a young D&D 5e GM and worldbuilder of 4 years. I am currently in the process of becoming more serious with my games, and am working tirelessly on my setting Genesis, and the region of the Great Archipelago on the world of Aeternum. Players all play in the Great Archipelago. A region of the world that exists just a century after a near apocalyptic event that destroyed the old civilizations of the world or sent them underground. Players all can play in the same region and interact with eachother, work together, and uncover the secrets of the world together. I am beginner friendly, and always looking forward to introducing new people to D&D and my world. I would love to use my time on StartPlaying as a betterment to my passion and to meet new people. I am always available to talk, game, or run D&D and I hope to see you in one of my games soon!

GM style

I believe that with online gaming, D&D has the potential to be far more streamlined, professional, and accessible. Foundry VTT (my very much preferred tabletop sim) has the capabilities to do these things, and I have been working tirelessly not just to make my world, but to become proficient in Foundry so that I can make D&D games in the professional way I envision them. Quick and streamlined combats with macros and an easily learnable UI; Custom boss mechanics, combat mechanics, and skills; Roleplay enhanced by visual aids such as token art, custom maps, and dynamic lighting; Quality of life mechanics like auto encumbrance tracking, easy enemy looting, and shop mechanics; Immersive effects such as sound effects on actions, thematic music curated for the scene, and even custom animations that play when a spell is cast or weapon is used. All of these are things that have been tried and tested in my own games to a great level of success and only more of these features are coming. If these sound complicated I promise they are simple to pick up and if anything, can make learning and jumping into the game for a newbie even easier. According to many of my players, my GM style is very "video gamey". I understand that this is not the preferred style of many players and know that its not for everyone so I would really like to stress this point so that you do not sign up for my games if this isn't something that you'd like. The last thing I want is for people to be surprised and disappointed with how the game is played. That being said I've had great success with this style and for those of you out there who might like this style I strongly encourage you to give my games a try!

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