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About Me My TTRPG journey began in January 2020 with D&D 5e. Since then, I have run a weekly campaign with friends that has been a mix of pre-written modules and homebrewed adventures. Until now, this has been a hobby I enjoyed with my friends. I am looking to expand my circle to any others who want to enjoy this game I love so much.

GM style

GM STYLE My games tend to be very story-driven and give each character their opportunity to shine in the narrative. I want everyone to have their “moment”. I like to give a sandbox style world where you can choose which direction you go in, and not be forced down a linear path. If I can make you interested in the world I’m building, and help you feel like you’re actually diving into your character, then I’m doing my job as your GM. I’m no professional voice actor, but I do enjoy throwing on an accent for different NPCs. Just wait until you hear me attempt a Russian-accent. I believe in the Rule of Cool. I’d rather my players be having fun than worried about making sure they’re following the “rules” of the game. If my players have something they want to homebrew into the game, I’ll talk it over with them and see how we can make it work in the story. I am fairly generous on what I will allow, within reason. I like to start my campaigns at level 3, giving out and free Feat. Players will use the point buy system when building their characters. I prefer to use the milestone leveling system, instead of XP. It tends to keep things simpler. At the end of the day, I’m here to have fun playing TTRPGs. If you all respect me, I’ll respect you. We can disagree on rulings all day long, but as long as we keep things civil and respectful, we’ll be fine and dandy. You disrespect me, or one of the other players at the table, and I will not hesitate to remove you from the game. Believe me it is the last thing I EVER want to do, but I’m here for the fun. Now then, how about

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