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Hephaestus Lee Harkness
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About me

Ahoy and well-met adventurers! I have been playing TTRPGs since 2007, but was quickly roped into the role of dedicated GM. I have always loved running games for players and weaving their character backstories into the world setting in some way. I have run many differing world settings from Custom Dark Fantasy Cyberpunk and Magic Penguins in Space, to campaigns set in existing franchises like Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z.

GM style

I like to create a structured and thought out plot, but letting players have the freedom to enjoy the story from whatever perspective they want. I avoid telling players, "No, you need to go here" or letting them flail for 60+ minutes in a room that has no relevance to the story. The plot hooks will point in the direction of the guided path, but the main focus of any TTRPG is to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Each game posted will outline how much it is influenced by the 3 pillars (Exploration, Roleplaying and Combat) so you know the kind of experience you are getting into, nothing worse than a player not having fun.

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