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About me

Forever on a quest to be a great GM, I'm come here to practice the art and skill of running a great game! Allow me to bring all I've discovered to your (virtual) table! I'm a TTRPG content creator and game designer - authoring and editing dozens of adventures, worldbuilding, and lore documents - for clients such as Dungeons in a Box. With 3+ years as a professional, on top of 20 as a GM, I know what it takes to craft fun new mechanics, unique monsters, and exciting locales. My passion for RPGs stems from the collaborative storytelling that is at their core. Thus, I'm always searching for ways to become a better storyteller. In my view, making that happen at the table requires solid prep without sacrificing too much narrative flexibility. When the GM can do this, and the group has a shared vision of what kind of story they are telling, that is the makings of a great game! I currently host a livestream on Twitch, with a YouTube channel for earlier episodes. Admittedly, I'm a Game Master, but when it comes to streaming, I'm still an amateur. But I hope the gameplay speaks for itself! I'm familiar with many more systems than those just listed below, so don't hesitate to ask if you're interested in a different system. I'm also willing to learn and use new rules systems for a committed group. :) Hope to see you at the table!

GM style

As a GM, I tend to strike a fair balance between the "three pillars" of RPGs: Social Interaction, Combat and, Exploration. Social Interaction could just be called 'roleplaying,' but everyone is hopefully acting in role during combat/exploration, so I use this distinction. Unless the party are full-on explorers, social encounters with NPCs are the primary way players/characters learn about the setting. Thus, NPCs need to feel part of a living world and not just a cardboard-cutout info board. Combat should offer players challenge, excitement, and the opportunity for creative problem-solving. Although difficult monsters are the main challenge of some combats, I also use dynamic environments and party objectives to offer different kinds of challenge to the players. I avoid being an adversarial GM - an "enemy" of the players - advocating on what makes a good story. (If you ask my players, they say I should let people die a little more often, haha!). Exploration tends to have the smallest emphasis of the three, but player style/interests can certainly make this pillar more prominent. The reward for players/characters who ask questions and delve into the immediate environment and the wider world should be just as significant as the other pillars. While this can be finding hidden loot, it's also the intrinsic reward of discovering something new - perhaps something the GM didn't even know beforehand! Co-creating the world with the players through Exploration (and Social Interaction as well) is an amazing experience you can't find anywhere else.


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