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Anthony (Grymjack)

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, World Builder

About me

First off, thank you for your interest! Are you searching to express the story of your character? Want to adventure in a new custom setting? Or explore original content in an established one? Well your search for a GM has been rewarded! I am a creative type with a pen and ink art background, and I even do freelance illustration for Topps and Upper Deck. Not to mention commissions. As a forever Gm I have been playing and running games for a very long time. I think of myself as an OG (Original Gamer) or Elder Geek, whichever you prefer no judgement here. I have been playing for close to 35 years and I have been GMing for about 30 of them. I have taught people how to play and I have experienced great games in my time.

GM style

I mainly run custom stories that center around your character(s), no “Box text” here. I am well versed in Role vs Roll play, and I believe that every TTRPG has a good mix of both. I love to roleplay out a characters desires, goals, and personality. How they would react naturally to a situation. I am an OSR fan, which is to say in my games the players should not expect to win if they merely pit their numbers against the monsters, and should instead attempt to outwit or outmaneuver challenges placed in their way. Not every encounter has an easy answer or total Win state. I want for your characters to have realistic responses like fear, excitement, passion. Not a sense of immortality/immorality. The style of play that I find to be most intriguing is the exploration of the moral gray, not everything is purely evil and not everything is super good. I mainly run games in Pathfinder 1e, Star Wars Saga Edition, with a bit of Shadowrun 5e and Mutants and Masterminds thrown in. Some of my experience in TTRPGs are as follows: D&D, AD&D, Red box, Green box, Blue box, Black box, Gold box, Shoe box, 3.0/3.5, Skipped 4th, and played some 5th; Pathfinder 1E(aka 3.75 D&D) and still run it to this day; Shadowrun(the setting rich, clunky beast I know and love); all the acronym games, WoD, VtM, WtA, WtO, CtD, MtA, and HH; Rifts; GURPS; Mutants and Masterminds; and Star Wars both WEG D6 and Saga Edition. Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like.

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