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I'm a 5e DM and have been for 4 years now, and have a years worth of experience running games professionally for new and veteran players alike. Honestly I wish I'd discovered DnD alot earlier in life than I did. I've mostly been a forever DM so have been running at least one game a week ever since I first picked up the DMG 4 years ago., with me ending up running 2-3 sessions a week being a very common occurrence. I have a discord used for the purpose of running sessions and allowing players to more easily keep tabs on my games, if you're wondering whether my sessions are for you then please feel free to hop into the discord and talk with some of the group, I'm certain you'll find yourself right at home with us.

GM style

My sessions/campaigns tend to have a 50/50 combat to roleplay ratio though this does sometimes lean more into the Roleplay side becoming a bit more like a 60/40 split. My games are generally centred around the adventuring party, and in longer form campaigns I like to make sure that everyone has had an arc based around their characters backstory (if the player has taken the time to come up with one and work on it with me). Combat in my sessions can be difficult at times, but I almost never set up an encounter where there is no way for the PCs to "win" or at least navigate their way through it with some degree of success (though the answer to a given problem may not always be the most obvious, Ie. sending the barbarian in to clean house).

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