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About me

The games you play with me will be unlike any GM you've had before. I have been a dedicated Game Master of multiple game systems for over 7 years, and am unendingly hungry to improve and perfect my craft. With me you will get games with a high level of presentation, patience and engagement with new players, and the flexibility to create a reactive and continuously enthralling experience. I am most experienced with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and Lancer, but have experience in FATE, Vampire: The Masquerade (both V20 and 5th edition), Pathfinder 1st edition, and more. Any games I am not familiar with I am willing to learn, and the list of systems I am familiar with is constantly growing. My games can and often deliberately do tackle themes of a serious, and sometimes very present nature. Ranging from broad, cultural issues, such as colonialism and environmentalism, to stories of more personal struggles and trauma, I value a game that sometimes engages players on a serious level, and allows them to evaluate, confront or express themselves. That said, I will always prioritize my players' comfort and safety over the game we are playing, and so if any content is unpleasant for you, let me know and I will do everything necessary to remove the offending content while keeping as much as possible of the remaining adventure intact. While I do not normally employ more formalized systems for this, such as the "X Card" system, I am perfectly willing to adopt any preferred communication method for each of my groups.

GM style

My goal is to use every tool at my disposal to tell the most immersive and compelling story possible, and that means putting whatever the narrative calls for to the forefront. While some campaigns focus on roleplay and complex webs of social or political interactions, I am just as passionate about intense, engaging and meaningful combat or mechanical interactions. A good game often requires a balance of both, and I am always looking for new ways to shake up the types of interactions players will have, while still keeping with the themes and tone of the game as a whole. I deeply care about polish and presentation, providing as comprehensive audio/video experience as I can with an insatiable hunger to improve. I do voices, play music and soundscapes, use custom maps when needed and animated backdrop images elsewhere, among much more. While the game itself and the story told through it are always my primary concern, with me you can expect a smooth, immersive experience, letting you focus on what is happening in the game, and among your friends.


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