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Grand Mage Garion

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About me

Greetings adventurers! I am Grand Mage Garion, known by many names over the near decade of my tabletop career on both sides of the screen; Questlord, Thundercat, Oracle of Dragonkind, Ranger of Armonia, Hurricane King, Man of the Cloth, "Old Man," and that Dwarven fellow who yells a lot. Tabletop games are many things to many people. Even to myself they are a hobby, a way to connect with others, a fun time, even therapy at times. But one thing that stands out to me is that these games are the stories of characters we care deeply about. Not just numbers on a paper, but true and real people (in our minds and hearts at least). And what's more is they are stories and characters that we can all experience together. In time I hope that many of us can experience these stories and characters together, no matter if its your first time or your hundredth time. Now let's get ready to roll-riggity-roll!

GM style

Some notes on myself in terms of GM Style; I use Discord and FoundryVTT primarily for sessions. I love both tactical combat and indepth role play. Developing the characters is huge to me, so I always want to make sure players feel like their characters belong in the world they are playing in. I've been known to change or add in bits to published material so that each character's history and motivations get a time in the spotlight. I prefer to stick closer to a RAI play style. Generally the rules are great, but sometimes some adjustments need to be made for the game to run smoothly. I also am a huge fan of creatively using spells and abilities. While I am not out to kill PCs, I don't prevent it from happening either. Challenging fights are a blast and the dice can land in many different ways. One thing that is important for me is that everyone is getting along and having fun. Games I run are group games, not competitive games. Even shady or morally dubious PCs are expected to respect other PCs and work together in party cohesion. That being said, some friendly teasing and bantering can be a ton of fun!

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