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*** Out of town until 7/28, and unlikely to respond to messages. *** Hi, I’m Franc. As a professional GM, I specialize in narrative, ease of play, and introducing players to new systems or TTRPGs as a hobby. See below for how, my policies, and play style. If you have questions, please send me a message. I respond to all messages within 24 hours. --- How I Help Players Learn Systems --- - A WELCOMING ATTITUDE: I do my best to create a welcoming environment for anyone attempting to learn. This includes Session 0/on-boarding, respecting Lines & Veils (content boundaries), and encouraging questions. - EXTENSIVE RULES NOTES: For all games, save D&D 5e, I create a series of rules and character creation handouts in the Roll20 game covering everything you’re expected to run into. All reformatted to make them easier to skim and digest. (Where allowed by the publisher, I share a link to the PDFs on my Google Drive. While, for D&D 5e, I have all allowed source books available in Roll20 for you to use.) - CHARACTER CREATION HELP: If requested 24 hours in advance, we can meet up 30 minutes before the session starts to work on character creation together. - PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS: If you’re strapped for time or want to experience the game before creating a character, I have 4+ pre-generated characters ready to go for systems I run. --- Default Lines & Veils --- Lines are hard content boundaries that won’t appear during the game. Veils may appear but not detailed. Below are my defaults for both. (Note: all relevant Codes of Conduct also apply.) - Sexual content, especially violence. (Line) - Torture and other acts of blatant cruelty/sadism. (Line) - Negatively impacting another player’s character without their consent. Rules lawyering against other players included. (Line) - Gratuitous depictions of violence and/or gore. (Line) - Racism, bigotry, etc. Both fantastic and real. (Line) - Romance (Veil) --- Other Notable Policies --- - RETURNING PLAYER POLICY: If you’ve played with me before, you can take one of the first two seats of anyone-shot I run for free. Which I will apply if I have sent you a “thank you for joining” message through StartPlaying.Games previously. - ABSENTEE POLICY: If I am given notice 6 hours prior to the start of a session, I will set your session price to $0 or, for one-shots, remove you from the game. If given less or no notice, I will wave the fee for the first time. The second time, I will charge you, refund, and send a warning. The third time, I will remove you from the campaign, if applicable. - “THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE” POLICY: If you join a campaign before it launches, you will gain a free session of that campaign for each week canceled for a lack of players. I count and communicate free sessions through StartPlaying.Games. Absences also consume your number of free sessions.

GM style

Where possible, I emphasize player agencies and stories - RULES ARE IMPORTANT, BUT I’LL BEND/IGNORE THEM FOR A BETTER GAME: Unless given sufficient reason, I follow rules as written, and vastly prefer to re-flavor the abilities or mechanics to fit concepts to homebrew. However, some mechanics don’t work, others need tweaking, and sometimes they take a backseat for a cool moment. (If this sounds good, you’ll love my easily referenced handouts covering common rules.) - PLAYING INTO YOUR CHARACTER’S STORY: Narrative matters to me. I work to help give your characters fulfilling narratives to them, guided by your desires. But I can’t do that if the character doesn’t play into the campaign’s premise and world. This includes clear communication, save hiding spoilers. In longer running campaigns, you’ll also see an increasing number of callbacks to previous events and, where possible, character backstory. Including to that village you saved or villain befriended. - CUSTOMIZED CONTENT & BOSS BATTLES: Outside of writing original adventures, I often alter published content to better fit a group or improve other aspects, like pacing. I’m particularly against things that tell players “sit there and do nothing” from a bad check, like D&D 5e’s stun condition. - MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS AND PATHS: I enjoy seeing which way players go. Partially, this includes making sure you’re not walking into a trap (mechanically or in narrative) when your character should know better. But, more so, it’s about giving and respecting the players’ choices. Including if the group joins Team Evil. On the encounter level, I do this by working out a combat, social, character skill, and/or a clever solution (no dice rolled) to any encounter. Unless you’ve already told me what’s going to happen, like with your character’s nemesis.

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