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About me

Welcome new friend, I am GM Skald! I'm here to help bring your story alive at the table! I love to write new adventures for players to go through and also to run people through already loved adventures with small tweaks and new turns for them to stumble upon. My greatest joy is when a group of people get together and make a truly unique and fun experience and that shines through in roleplay and tense moments so expect that! Strap on your armor, ready your spells, and let's have some fun!

GM style

I strive to give players the chance to have their characters portrayed as they envision while they conquer whatever adventure they find themselves on! Here are some tools I use to make that happen! What you can always expect: -Interaction: I LOVE asking players how their spells, maneuvers, attacks are being portrayed! If you're not entirely sure, or you don't have a firm grasp of what things would look like when you're doing them I'll step in of course and help out! -Rule of Cool: There are plenty of rules, if we get hung up on something I'll make a ruling or work with you to get a quick resolution and move on! Less time digging in the books, more time slinging spells and swinging swords! -Inclusive Atmosphere: If you have questions or concerns we will tackle them! There is no room for intentional toxicity at the table towards other players, we are all here for a fun time! Session Zero: -Theme Discussion: Let's get an idea of the vibe or flavor of adventure/campaign your group is looking for. (Examples: Horror, Mystery, Comedy, ect) -Optional Rules Discussion: I ask a few questions to see if we want to make things a bit easier (Ex. Flanking Mechanic) or perhaps a grittier experience is what your group is looking for so we can look into options for using critical tables, harder healing, etc. -Soft Stops/Hard Stops: An open discussion of what the group would like to stay away from or just don't want to be the focus of the adventure but still have the element. -Open Door: If there's any concerns before, during, or even after gameplay, let me know! I'm here for you and your group! Either private message me or just let me know immediately, this will be a safe place for everyone to have fun. In-Game Options: -Character Re-Spec: If we are NOT in a 1-shot and somewhere during the campaign you feel your character isn't what you imagined, make a one-time only Wish in-game! (DM and player must agree on a task to complete for this one-time Wish to come true.) -Background Plotpoints: If the encounters ever feel shallow or you want to switch things up, tell me you're using your Plotpoint for the session! This allows you to make a slight change in the flow of the game or what's happening directly in front of you so that it feels more relevant to you or your group's background! (Example: Jim wants to feel more invested in a scene and uses their plot point for that session to have the NPC the group is talking to know them somehow relating to their backround/ideal/flaw.)

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