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Scott Smith

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Knows the Rules

About me

Hello! My name is Scott and I have a love for all things tabletop. What started as a passion for board games quickly turned into a hobby of Roleplaying. Almost as soon as I started playing I found that I had stories of my own I wanted to share and as luck would have it GMing came naturally to me. Around eight years ago I ran my very first game of Stars Without Number and since then I've expanded my portfolio to include DnD 5e, Masks, Dread and FATE. I firmly believe that a GM is not just a story teller. They are a guide to help the party navigate the world and create their own story. It is my pleasure to accompany each and every player on their own personal journey and share the moments of hardship and triumph they encounter along the way. If I had to speak to my accomplishments as a GM, i'd say my proudest moment was concluding a game of SWN which lasted two years! A successful campaign doesn't end with the final session. The party may change characters, but the memories and friendships you make stay with you. So if you are looking for an experienced, flexible GM with a focus on the players and a love of the game then please reach out to me. I look forward to seeing what stories we'll weave together. I am currently running DnD 5e. For pricing on Stars Without Number, Masks or Dread games contact me. Have friends you want to play with? I offer discounts when you bring a full party to the table!

GM style

The player and party come first in my games. Expect to have a conversation with me before the game even starts about who your character is and what you'd like to see for them. Then, expect to be surprised! My stories are filled with interesting NPC's and set pieces that give characters a chance to grow into themselves and stand out. I encourage party roleplaying by taking a step back and playing a more reactionary role. I keep the story moving, you decide the direction and pace! My style is one of flexibility and it is my goal that the party feel they have complete agency over their own action and the direction of the story. To break up the RP and provide some challenge you can expect meaningful combat. Each foe will bring it's own personality and tactics to bare against the party. Many will even require teamwork or strategy of your own to overcome! I am inspired by strategy games such as XCOM and Divinity 2 so expect to make use of cover mechanics, difficult terrain and destructible, dynamic environments as you pit your wits against your foes in special set piece encounters. My ultimate goal is to create moments and stories you'll be talking about for years to come!

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