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About me

I love to tell and create new stories with people. TTRPGs were instrumental in helping me to discover my own voice, and I want to give that experience to anyone I can and make friends along the way. Here are the things I nerd out over: Star Wars Stargate Battlestar Galactica Fullmetal Alchemist Cyberpunk TTRPGs Good TV in general

GM style

My primary goal as a Game Master is to immerse my players in rich and meaningful stories. I tend to gravitate toward modern and futuristic settings, though I also enjoy running official D&D 5e modules. I adopt a flexible approach to GMing and don't adhere to strict interpretations of rules, so I often employ house rules to enhance the enjoyment of the games I run. Encouraging character development and narrative progression during the journey is a key aspect of my style. GAME STYLE 👀 SIGHTS👀 AND 📢SOUNDS📢: I put effort into curating each session, incorporating music, SoundFX, and captivating battle maps to enhance the overall experience. 🤺COMBAT: I strive to create challenging encounters without making my players feel punished. Typically, I incorporate one (5e) to two (Cypher) combats per session. The goal is to make my players feel like they have properly been challenged, and feel like it was a rewarding experience. 🎭ROLEPLAY: My favorite aspect of TTRPGs is roleplay. I actively facilitate roleplay among my players, aiming to deepen their connection with their characters. I relish the engaging conversations my players have with each other and with me as the GM. 🧩PUZZLES: I am not particularly fond of puzzles, but I occasionally include them, always offering an alternative solution to keep the game flowing. SOFTWARE 🎶KenkuFM for playlists 🎮 TaleSpire VTT 🪨 Obsidian for keeping notes 👾 Discord for Chat 📚Master Level D&DBeyond and their entire library. 🎲Table Rules🎲 Low Stakes PVP Only: PvP is rare and requires full table consent. If there isn’t full table consent we do not do it, or engage in it. This goes for many touchy subjects. Coaching: I'm always willing to help players learn and understand game mechanics. No Infighting: We prioritize a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Harassing or picking on other players is not acceptable. LGBTQ Inclusive and Friendly: Inclusivity is of utmost importance to me, and I strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for LGBTQ individuals. 🏳️‍🌈


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