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About me

I'm a long time RPG player and GM. I ran for my high school friends on the 90s, and I've run for my current gaming group off and on for almost 20 years. I enjoy most anything that brings fun to the table, be it a crunchy dungeon crawl or a quirky indie game. As a GM, I love seeing what sorts of characters my players will bring to the table, and then throwing those characters into memorable stories with shocking twists. I've also got a fondness for Japanese tabletop RPGs, many of which are great for one-shots.

GM style

I typically try to play to the strengths of whatever system I'm running. For d20-based games, that generally means a pretty solid focus on combat, though every game needs a good amount of roleplay to fill it out and give the fighting a purpose. I've got a pretty good vocal range and I like to take advantage of that with weird voices. I'm a huge fan of big story twists and you can generally expect a few of them in any given campaign.

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