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I am a professional Game Master that focuses on D&D 5e, Pathfinder and Starfinder. No matter which universe I'm in, I love telling stories, and setting up the heroes and watching them succeed, despite what I throw at them. I'm very "Family Friendly", and prefer to run a clean-language game (try to keep it PG-13, and we'll do great.) I am a teacher and story-teller at heart. I love crafting new places, thoughts and ideas with people then watching those simple ideas become reality. If you would like to explore new worlds, let me know, and I'll help you get started. At the bottom of my full profile page, you'll see links to my existing campaigns and one-shots. If you have an idea or time that you'd like me to GM for you, but you don't find these interesting, message me through this site! I will gladly work with you to make your experience the most fun it can be.

GM Style

I love creating characters and building entire worlds. The best parts are creating stories and feeling the emotions -- from the urgency of combat, to the subtlety of subterfuge. I'm very Family Friendly, and prefer to work with clean language. If kids are at the table, then that rule is non-negotiable. If I don't know a rule, I'll make a "temporary rule" to keep things moving, then ensure I study up on something for future sessions. We all agree to abide by the temporary rule, and that no retcon is needed. It is what it is. The same is true for players... if a stat or piece of knowledge is missing -- and discovering it is taking too long -- then we make a decision and keep moving. The story is paramount. The rules make the story happen. It's my job to keep the story and the rules in sync and make the whole experience fun for everyone.

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