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About me

Hi all I’m James. The first time I ever played a rpg was Dungeons and Dragons in 1982, and I’ve been playing ttrpg’s ever since. I’ve been DM’ing for the same amount of time and started attending gaming conventions in the 80’s. I love everything about role playing games: the people, the escapism, the ability to write your own (fictional) destiny and the community. I began with DnD, but over the years branched out into almost everything, including Champions, Paranoia, Toon, Gamma World, Boot Hill, Marvel Superheroes, and of course the awesome Call of Cthulhu (just to name a few). During my career as a TT gamer, I’ve scaled the barrier peaks, had my soul sucked out by the demi lich Acererak, razed the keep on the borderlands, traversed the globe, hunting the followers of Yog-Sothoth, found myself abandoned on the desolate plane of Nogard, and been gooified multiple times by your friendly Alpha Complex computer. Feel free to join us and make your own mark in the myriad of worlds I enjoy bringing to life.

GM style

For 5e I squeeze every adventure into my homebrew campaign world of Mediterranea. I like to get to know the characters during our initial Session 0 and then weave an adventure hook to get you all to go where I want you, incorporating your backgrounds, alignments, and character features into a story that makes sense. I like there to be some roleplaying conflict to be going on amongst the party which I will happily engineer if something doesn’t readily present itself. But basically, I pride myself on being new-player friendly and I strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. I like to make my npc’s alive using various (bad) accents and voices and like to incorporate ambient music in the discord channel to help set the mood. I do not like killing off players and will strive to keep you alive long enough to enjoy the campaign and hopefully finish it with some nice loot to retire with and/or your sanity still intact. I never take myself too seriously and try to bring levity and humor to anything I’m involved in. Feedback is greatly appreciated, and I consider all suggestions with an open mind. I also love “gm’ing” Call of Cthulhu and Paranoia and intend to run both games regularly along with DnD 5e.


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