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About me

I’ve been a professional Gamemaster for about three years and a non-pro GM for far longer. I’ve clocked over 1000 hours of digital GMing (not to mention the years of PbP and in-person) and have introduced over 150 new players to the past-time. I have and still run campaigns professionally for teenagers on where I have over 100 five-star reviews. Storytelling is at the heart of everything I do, from fireside stories with my children to retellings of great figures from history before an audience of close to 1000. Tabletop Roleplaying Games are another manifestation of that but are unique in one way: we create stories together. We become the heroes we have always dreamed of. Tell your character's tale and I'll give you the place to live it.

GM style

Your job is to create an awesome character. My job is to create an immersive world. Your job is to tell me what you want your character to do. My job is to filter and interpret that through the ruleset, sometimes stretching or creating rules to best fit the situation: "The rules serve you, not vice versa" (5e DMG 235). I know the rules of any system I run like the back of my hand but emphasize tension and narrative above all else. I tend toward a serious-with-comic-relief tone but am adaptable to any tone desired. I enjoy getting into character and use voices for NPCs. I narrate combat, locations, and people with visceral detail but never dump paragraphs on players. I can run homebrew or any prewritten adventure but will always heavily homebrew to adapt to the players.

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