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About me

This account is now used to host The Keen Minds, a group dedicated to creating a fun and welcoming play space. Hello, my name is Gage and I am the founder of Keen Minds. I have always had a huge love and passion for this hobby of sorts. I always thought of DMing as something I get to do alongside my players and I love crafting stories with them, after all, it should be our story instead of mine. That being said after hosting many games, I think it's time I started bringing in others who I can teach and show the ropes of building an us story instead of a DM story. I still host plenty of games if you are interested in by all means to reach out to me, likewise, if you're a new DM on this hosting platform reach out as well we are always accepting new applicants.

GM style

I play a relaxed game session where the rule of cool applies but within reason. I typically like to run lighthearted sessions with some touches of realism sprinkled about. I can be as descriptive on any type of acting/scenes for those looking to get really immersed with no limitation, while those who want vague or absent content for personal reasons are always accommodated as well. What you can expect from the first time being a player in one of my campaigns: -The first session is going to be a bit hectic with new people all trying to find a good balance between one another and getting acclimated to the character they play as well as understanding the world around you. (I try to provide a background story for the area you guys will be playing so you have some context before session 0.) I believe that as a DM/GM my job is to bring an engaging and one-of-a-kind story to my players. Once they get ahold of the script it's up to them to fully interact with the vast open world around them. I truly enjoy customizing games for my players because at the end of the day it should be our story to tell.


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