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Game Master Flash (Aaron)

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About me

Hi, I'm Aaron. Otherwise known by my nom de plume, Game Master Flash. I've been playing tabletop RPGs since the early/mid-90's and have been a dedicated GM since the early 00's. My love of creative writing, comic illustration, crafting, and my background in improv and theater all help to assemble what makes me a great GM. My many years of experience have led me to play with a wide variety of players in many different play environments. This has led to me being friendly, entertaining, optimistic, and easy to get along with while I assume the mantle of Gamemaster. If you're curious what that might look like, before you sign up, check out some of my actual play videos on Youtube and see for yourself. (Link at the bottom of my profile) I live in Portland, OR with my wife, 2 cats, and 4 chickens, where I enjoy gardening, cooking, collecting records, saying "namaste" ironically, and running exciting tabletop role-playing games. I look forward to getting to share one or two of those with you! Namaste, (There's the first one.) Aaron

GM style

My default play style focuses on story-exploration and role-play, but that's what everyone says, right? So what makes me any different than the hundreds of other nerds trying to convince you that your money is best spent with them? Enthusiasm, performance, energy. I've played with GMs at conventions and online, who are downright boring. I always thought, "why does this person have no energy or confidence? If I were to run a game that way, I would be bored, and my players would too." Thankfully, that just isn't me. I bring a background in theater and a lifetime of constantly meeting different, interesting people and I bring that to the table. The goal is to get you excited, engaged, out of that shell (if you brought a shell with you) and into the story we're telling together. My creative streak doesn't end there though. I really strive for "off the beaten path" games, and can really deliver the goods for players who feel likewise. Yeah, I don't often play/run D&D. I'm a fan of many genres of storytelling, and many other game systems, as long as they're exciting. Do you want gritty, zombie-apocalypse survival? An animated series of superpowered protectors? The lost earthling in a strange dimension of rocket ships and ray-guns? X-files meets the Magnificent Seven? Whatever it is, let's talk about it!


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