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About me

I am a GM that's a fan of the Player Characters, I love giving them challenges and seeing how they will overcome them. I'm focusing on player agency and on the consequences of their actions. I like tactical combat but always leave space for RP and character bonds. I encourage teamwork but sometimes I like to stir some drama between characters. I'm always open to feedback if you have any comments about my style or advice on how I can improve don't hesitate to tell me after the session. I'm an experienced GM and know many systems from more mainstream like D&D or Pathfinder to more indie like my favourite Mistborn Adventure Game.

GM style

I run games focusing on players' meaningful choices and giving them a space for creativity. I like to challenge the PCs and think a good story can be made even if PCs won't succeed, and how the story will end is always in their hands. I always have prepared music, maps, and handouts.

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