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About me

I'm a GM with roughly 10 years of experience with an expertise in story writing. I've run hundreds of custom games that specialize in backstory incorporation and building the world along with the players. If you have a crazy (read "broken") idea, I am an expert in balancing - rebalancing and evolving! RPGs are social foremost, and I love meeting new people and getting everyone on the same page. I'm a little tough as a DM, but new players always appreciate the clarity and fairness I bring to the table, and old players love the surprises and respect to everyone involved. My favorite thing is introducing new people to the hobby, and at this point I've worked out the kinks to ensure your first time is a fun time!

GM style

I like story first and foremost. How that story unfolds is up to the players. I've had door kickers and monologuers, epic fantasies and one shots. The only constant I have seen that makes the games memorable, is that a personalized story has been told. I am a writer and so descriptions are key. I am an auditory DM that loves introducing players to recurring characters that they fall in love with, or grow to hate. I usually only break out the map for combats, as I want most of the time to be spent in the moment with each other, but when we do dip into combat, I often make the goal more complex than just killing every bad guy on the map. I enjoy putting my players in situations where ingenuity and bravery are rewarded just as much as mechanical precision. My favorite feeling is getting duped by characters who outsmart or outclass my encounters and the more clever the players, the more clever I allow myself to be in return.

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