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I've been dungeon mastering/game mastering since I was 10 years old. 20 years later I still love everything about it. Growing up, I DM-ed for my little brothers and friends and as an adult have DM-ed many pick-up groups online before working on this website and have had 2 years of successful professional GM-ing in my Rise of the Runelords campaigns. Let me teach you how to play or give you a challenge in the lore-rich Golarion (pathfinder) campaign setting. Adventure through AP's or oneshots that have been expertly sculpted around your characters to give you the most entertaining experience I can provide.

GM style

My games tend to be traditional heroic adventures with an emphasis on cooperative problem solving. I love integrating peoples backstories into my games, with even Adventure Paths provide ways to bring in a long lost family member or rival. I work to make each NPC feel unique including voice acting were appropriate to make important characters memorable. My combats are designed to be challenging, engaging, and specialized to the party. Be prepared to take advantage of terrain and work out ways to deal with the consequences of loud noises alerting opponents in other rooms.

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