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About me

Hello there! I started GMing over a decade ago when I first played the Edge of the Empire Star Wars role-playing game. I've since that time, I've ran games for family and friends, as well as at Gen Con for Edge Studios, Gamer Nation Con in Texas, and Gem State Game Convention in Idaho. I've GMed for play-by-posts, in-person groups, and online games. My favorite system is the FFG narrative dice system used in Star Wars and Genesys, but I've also played Dungeons & Dragons, Mouse Guard, Tales from the Loop, The One Ring, and Fantasy Age, to name a few.

GM style

The Tools: For the narrative dice system used in Star Wars and Genesys, I use RPG Sessions as the primary tool to play online games. This includes an integrated Discord bot, online player character sheets, dice, destiny/story points, and initiative tracker. A free account is all that is needed from the players. GM Style: I enjoy collaborative storytelling, and crafting adventures with everyone at the table. I'm not adversarial as a GM, but I present conflict and challenges that players are free to approach however they wish, and then letting the dice decide the outcome. Some of the best role-playing memories happen amidst opposition, and how they were ultimately overcome. I will always be rooting for the heroes, and find enjoyment in the narrative stories we create. The Players : Players are welcome to play in character if they feel comfortable, but it's not a requirement in my games. I encourage player participation, and try to give everyone a voice at the table in crafting our adventure. Courtesy and kindness between players at my table is a must, regardless of the characters being played. There is a difference between characters that have self-serving or questionable actions, and players that engage in any kind of hostility with each other. Let's keep the game fun as we respect and act with kindness to each other. The Rules: I tend to follow the rules as written as a basis. I'm happy to teach the basic rules to new players, with hopes they can learn and understand the system for future games. If the moment calls for a change because of an epic idea or cool moment, and everyone is in agreement, rules can be flexible to fit the story we craft. The Game: Remember, in the end, we're playing a game. Let's have some fun together playing heroic, flawed, determined characters!


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