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About me

Hey there, I'm Zak. I've been DMing and bringing new players into the hobby of table top RPGs for over 6 years now. As you can see on my Roll20 profile (, I have had the pleasure of playing with over 50 people, throwing more than 10,000 dice rolls, logging more than 5000 hours (though who's kidding who, most of that was prep work time). For these reasons and my love of introducing new players to RPGs, I specialize in online TTRPGs via Roll20, as that has been by far my primary experience playing RPGs.

GM style

I enjoy running a balanced game. I aim for the players to feel like they can make it through encounters through smooth talking or smart tactical decisions, as long as things make sense. I'm less likely to let a single D20 roll bypass a combat encounter with creatures that do not for example, speak your language. When creating combat encounters I try to include elements to encourage tactical thinking such as flanking and using the environment to one's advantage. I play NPCs as though they are real, and many creatures do not wish to fight to the death at the first opportunity. I've been told my players enjoy my NPC voices also.

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