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About me

Hi, we're Allie, Chris and Frank! We are the three minds behind the Heroes of Howe Sound. An ever growing and evolving homebrew campaign set in the Pacific Northwest. 🌀 Get lost in an epic setting 🔎 🤺 Adventure with 30+ players in a persistent world 🧝 🍃 Sail the world on the deck of an airship 🍂 🧟Do battle with cunning and fiendish villains 🐉 🫂Make new friends on a vibrant and active discord server 🙋 What to Expect: • A private, fast foundry server with all the bells and whistles. • Access to all officially published D&D 5e content on dndbeyond. • A personalized Discord server & community for all kinds of interaction. • A safe, personalized gaming space for you and your friends. • Three experienced DMs who specialize in storytelling, building expansive narratives, cartography and customizing characters. • NPCs, villains, encounters, and challenges years in the making and all meticulously crafted. • Tough but fair combat where ingenuity and intelligence are rewarded. • An inviting environment where new players can explore their creativity and have all questions answered in real time. • Your voice matters: Sessions are a mix of skill challenges, combat, roleplay, investigation and untethered exploration. We’re constantly mixing things up and adjusting gameplay according to feedback. • Unique encounters with unusual creatures collected from officially published books, third party content and the minds of your coplayers and DMs.

GM style

We are very interested in roleplay and put a lot of time and energy into crafting our lore, and themes to touch on the big things in life, while maintaining a fun and happy environment. While exploring this world you can expect your sessions to involve very deep and immersive descriptions of NPC’s and fantastic locations. But don’t take my word for it, take our words for it and head over to and wander through the world of Howe Sound and see what magic awaits you there. While exploring this world you can expect your sessions to involve very deep and immersive descriptions of NPC’s and fantastic locations. We put a lot of energy into crafting characters to interact with that represent the world as we experience it and you can expect to find a large diversity of cultures, heritages and histories. We are often bored by traditional struggles of good vs evil and prefer to write stories with a lot of gray areas. Where the villains are relatable and the heroes are challenged not just by powerful monsters and armies of adversaries, but also by social negotiations, political intrigue and allegiances to conflicting factions. Our combat style leans towards less smaller skirmishes and more focus on unique dramatic combats and challenging boss fights.


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