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About me

Hey there! Name is Liz and I've been DMing for a better part of five years now. It's always interesting seeing how the collaborative storytelling brings us all through unexpected twists and turns. I would love to help craft your future adventures!

GM style

My GMing style is a little more on the casual side. In gameplay, I may bend the rules from time to time if it results in epic moments for my players. Homebrew items, if appropriate, are also a favorite of mine. Gives people a surprise, even if they know every item in a system. I love to craft challenging (yet beatable) encounters for my players. On the RP side, I love to play numerous characters so I can act out all their quirky personalities. I also love when my players have a storyline they want to get involved with the plot and include it where I can. I prefer to run a chill table. I will often discuss rules with my players and put to a vote how we want to interpret it. I will caution hard rules lawyers against joining my tables, given my tendency to bend rules from time to time, it may not be to your liking. While I do also encourage characters that are built with RP first over combat, I am fine with powerful player characters. If a player does become a problem (by the judgment of my players or myself), I will usually make adjustments to buff other players and/or encounters to level it out since no one likes nerfs. Homebrew Games I can host: -Final Fantasy d20 -Pokerole


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