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I have been playing D&D for 9 years, I started with 4e, then 5e. I was a sit in on one session and loved it straight away! I have been straight DM for 8 years, I played a few games and I love everything about it! I started Professionally DM'ing for the better part of 6 months now and can say this is my ultimate dream job. I have Just moved to Foundry VTT 2 months ago and am in absolute LOVE with the platform! I am a storyteller at heart and will always find new ways to improve and improv, and I will send you to the palace of my mind so we all can enjoy the collaborative imagination of the word we all have created. I will rarely tell a player "no". Only if it will break the immersion or for unbalance purposes. I run a living, super sandbox homebrew world where your PC can thrive/collaborate with others in the same (or different) game. I look forward to seeing you adventurer!

GM style

I love to tell wild and wonderful stories, my homebrew is a living world that grows with every player and their backstory. I love to challenge each player individually and as a group. Voices are one of my strong suits. That being said I try to have at least 1 combat in my sessions, more or less depending on the week/story. Overall percentage is about 80/20 R.P. to combat. However, This changes depending on the group. Beginners are my specialty, I love getting new people into the hobby and am patient and loose with my games.

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