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Hi i am a dungeon master of 6 years for dnd 5th edition. I deeply love the game and experiences me and my friends have created. I now want to extend that opportunity to others. By doing this i hope further deepen my skills as a dm, make new friends, and provide for my budding family. I am a open minded dm, willing to customize items features and skills to suit the needs or desires of specific games. I hope you have your blade sharp and wit even sharper. If you fear not the sting of death nor the might of dragons you may just have a chance. Will you take up the mantle of hero? Will you fall prey to the wilds? Maybe, you should come find out for yourself.

GM style

I am a laid back dm with a deep love for group storytelling where we can see our PCs develop and change over a campaign. I enjoy mysteries and high magic settings such as the Forgotten Realms and I riff off of the canon with my own special changes and lore additions. I also deeply enjoy combat and optimized character builds. I usually run slightly overpowered campaigns where PCs usually have custom perks and more magic items than usual over time but with an encounter challenge to match for intense battles. I always recommend having a back up character. In case of untimely deaths for adventurers. I do my best to bring in replacement characters in a natural way. I do character and monster voices within my range, but feel no pressure to do so yourself unless youre comfortable with it. I expect a minor degree of improv "yes and-ing" to fellow players and npcs in game for purposes of keeping things moving in session but if you want to pursue a separate course of action feel no hesitation to ask.


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