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About me

Greetings Travelers, I have been playing and running games since near the beginning of the hobby in the late 70's when I was a wee lad in middle school. Not mired in the past; I appreciate what the modern games have with regard to mechanics, but bring to the table some of the difficulty and grittiness in the earlier styles of play. If you thought WoW Classic was a great idea, I'm your guy. I have a degree in Medieval Studies and continue to do festivals and reenactment work; where I joyfully work as an entertainer playing the captain of a company of mercenaries. While I don't intend games to be a simulation, I do like them to feel a bit grounded. Even a published adventure will have my own spin to it. I would run 5e D&D, with some light house rules to give it a slightly earlier edition feel - nothing that would make the game seem unfamiliar, and also enjoy running Call of Cthulhu, or its more government conspiracy variant, Delta Green. I am working on a possible homebrew campaign, and the published adventures I will run will likely be less known third party titles. I look forward to playing with you!

GM style

I like to run somewhat more grounded games; think Lower to High Middle Ages (800 to 1300 CE) which gives a feeling of literary Tolkien, if not the setting. To help reach that end I use some light house rules (in particular large portions of "5e Hard Mode" which is available on DriveThruRPG) along with some ideas borrowed from 1st edition AD&D. I prefer games where the campaign is a bit more deliberate, with more passage of game time, and not the 1st level to 13th level in a month that modern published adventures have (...but I am fine with running those as well..) I work collaboratively with players between sessions to help with downtime activities.

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