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About me

I’m a longtime GM who wants you to have as much fun as possible! I’m great with rules, but I’m not a total stickler for them. I love the rule of cool and view the rules as a strong, but not always mandatory guideline. I’ve played and borrow from a myriad of TTRPGs and take an eclectic view of gaming. My games are for everyone. I won’t bore you with my legal background, but I always managed to help folks who needed help. Your trigger and content warnings matter at my table. While I mostly run fantasy games, I do dabble in mystery and eldritch games, such as Call of Cthulhu, Candela Obscura, as well as Vampire the Masquerade. There’s a seat at my table for players who love that as well!

GM style

Combat: This is my specialty!!! It will be high octane, engaging, logical, challenging, and you'll be put into scenarios where your characters get to shine. You will need to think tactically in many of my fights. Rest assured, they are finely and fairly tuned. I also enjoy weaving roleplay into combat-see below-as a means of making combat more than ‘just’ rolling dice and logistical tabulation. In short, if you love engaging combat, I'm the DM for you. Roleplay: This is YOUR story and I am here to facilitate it! I love roleplaying. I love creating voices for my NPCs and making them matter to YOUR story and characters. Your decisions and choices will always matter. I build vibrant tales and worlds with short, medium, and long term storytelling. If we're playing a module, it will always be adapted to the party’s desires and wishes. You won’t get the TTRPG equivalent of canned food. You’re getting served seasoned dishes. Balance between the two: A key philosophy of mine is that combat enhances roleplay and roleplay enhances combat. Describing a key attack during the climax of battle brings drama and engagement. A NPC who watched the group save or fail to save their loved one and references the moment of doom or triumph makes battle mean that much more. This isn’t just the old adage of ‘one third combat, one third exploration, one third roleplay’. There’s no magic formula to this. Everything that happens at my table and in my story has a purpose…most importantly the purpose of having a damn good time! tl;dr – My combat is memorable, RP matters, things don’t get stale, and I care about your story and experience.


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