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About me

CB has a passion for storytelling that he channels throughout all his games. Years of studying content creation have left him prime for crafting immersive worlds, characters, and encounters. In addition, CB is a friendly & inclusive GM with a variety of games (including OC) to run. He's a great choice whether you're a new player trying to get your feet wet or a seasoned roleplayer looking for a unique & memorable experience.

GM style

I don't shy away from real time roleplay and speaking with character voices. I am, however, just as likely to slip into the third person to give players important info. You shouldn't have to worry about flawlessly interacting with this made up society and juggling the different social norms. Your characters live in this world, we do not. Not every conversation needs to be acted out. This helps everyone because then when it comes time to act out a scene everyone is on the same page. This is a roleplaying game but I believe the majority of your roleplay moments should be when your character takes informed actions, as opposed to grand dialogue. I love tactical gameplay; but that might not mean what you think. I don't use grids or minis (unless requested) Especially these days, when games have to be played remotely, I prefer a light "Theater of the mind" approach. Players make tactical decisions in combat based off the kind of enemies they are fighting, their weaknesses, the environment, and overall understanding of the mechanics of the game being played. Tell me your intent on your turn, your approach, and I will let you know what might be standing in the way. From there, players can think tactically about how to make it out of the encounter alive. For me, tactical gameplay doesn't stop at combat. It includes mystery stories and investigations, tactful social moves as your characters navigate the world, and clever resource management are all well rewarded. Basically, the more you engage with the mechanics of the game the more you will get out of it.


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