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I started playing D&D in 1980 with a few friends in elementary school. I don’t recall much about those first experiences except an encounter where a great white shark was attacking us while we were standing next to the stone pool it was held in…how it was attacking us didn’t make much sense, but we were 10 years old, so…. I clearly recall, however, how immediately I fell in love with the game. I have played and DMed every edition since then… B/E, AD&D, 2nd Edition, 3/3.5, 4e, and 5e. I have found something in every edition that added flavor and interesting mechanics to my game. I feel like 5E has finally hit on the right mix of old and new mechanics that make the game easy to learn and play, while being a very satisfying system for veterans who slogged through the mire of THAC0 and lived to tell the tale. One of the best things to come out of this current Renaissance for the hobby is the revelation that the point of the game (any game, in fact) is to have fun. I’ve heard so many horror stories over the years from people at my tables and at cons about DMs who are adversarial, or don’t read the table to see when there’s conflict, or boredom. None of that is fun. By all reports over my four decades behind the screen, my game is fun. I’m not perfect, and I’m not a professional voice actor. But I can be appropriately intense, dramatic, goofy, or whatever the moment requires to deliver a memorable and fun experience that gets talked about by my players for years after. Just ask my wife about the time she fired a bow through TWO arrow slits over 100 feet apart and critically hit (killed) an orc scout! Or the magic carpet ride up through a vertical mine elevator shaft while dodging the free-falling elevator cars… Online D&D is a new experience for me, but the tools I use are a solid blend of familiar or very easy to use, so if I come off like an old pro at VTT, it’s an illusion…make an Intelligence check.

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I aim to create a balance between the three pillars of RPGs... social interaction, exploration and combat. I run a character-oriented game and seek to blend the adventure story and character goals and backgrounds.

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