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About me

I'm here to facilitate your excellent tabletop gaming experience. Years of running Dungeons and Dragons 5e games focused on player characters and their interface with the fantastic world they are exploring has equipped me with the tools to bring the same to a table (virtual or otherwise) for you. This is the face of the forever DM. Having convinced many of my closest friends and family to let me run their first D&D game, I have a wealth of experience teaching players of all types and experience levels. Becoming the best DM I can be is always the goal at the table. I enjoy playing with voice, description, and ambiance but always with the focus of making the game both entertaining and approachable for the players. Different personality types and needs all have a place at my table. Gaming is how I connect with people. I have fond memories of my childhood hosting close friends in the basement playing RPGs, videogames, and wargames. I am that guy that shows up with a duffel full of games and gets the most out of everyone having fun playing the game they want to play. Telling stories is what we're doing here... Let's start the next one!

GM style

Excellent experiences in the pillars of play of Exploration, Social Interaction, and Combat is the name of the game. To that end: * I enjoy character voices and I'm always working to improve them. I lean in on social interactions and talk to the PCs as the NPCs in most scenarios (assuming the player is comfortable). * I think Exploration is often underserved as a pillar of play, and it is the least supported by the game design of D&D 5e, I work to make it be interesting rather than tedious, setting up risks and rewards, and work to make decisions have meaning. We aspire to engage real consequence to action in our play. * I work to build variety into encounters, ranging in difficulty and balance, but always striving for characters to be able to utilize their awesome abilities, get amazing rewards, but ultimately let the planning of the group and the luck of the dice determine the outcome. * I'm a fan of the tactical crunch. I know the abilities of the creatures and the player classes well and I love the mechanics of combat. I also enjoy stretching my narrative storyteller muscles with making combat as descriptive and visceral as possible. * I like utilize both "Theater of the mind" and tactical battle maps, and I like to switch it up so players don't always know when something is prepared or on the fly with roll tables. This helps to build suspense before asking for initiative. Additionally: * I want my players to be comfortable, I send a survey prior to game to gauge thoughts on a wide variety of topics. Lines and Veils is the preferred method for everyone's comfort. * I do love to joke, and in like-minded company I am always looking to get some laughs. * I work to be approachable and am always looking for feedback. * I have been known to make some custom/homebrew monsters, magic items, features/rewards, but always with the input of the players to keep it from causing strife.


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