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About me

Hello! My name's Gibrand Cruz (Alias: gibzx)! I'm a digital artist and Dungeon Master! I've been playing D&D for 5 years now and it's been an evolving passion ever since. I'm always looking to add new friends and faces to my table and adventure together. May your blades be strong, and may your d20s be powerful as ever ❤️ I am a Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, and Fiction Writing Enthusiast. Originally born and raised in Mexico, I spent my childhood engrossing myself in fantasy and fiction media, which became my primary hobby and passion as I grew older. Shortly after finishing primary school, I moved to Singapore to continue my education and broaden my horizons. Living in two very distinct and quite literally opposite sides of the world has helped me absorb many interesting sources of folklore and history that I otherwise would've never encountered, as well as meeting new people that altogether have shaped my creative process when writing and creating adventures. Right now I can be found juggling many projects between running 5 different tables as a DM, as well as partaking in some games as a player & writing custom/original content that I hope to publish one day soon! Arriving today at the present, my passion for both DMing and playing has only grown stronger, as I venture out of my comfort zone to try and bring a unique experience of boundless adventure to you.

GM style

My GM style is very flexible, both narratively and mechanically. From light-hearted comedy adventures all the way to terrifying and grueling grimdark settings, whatever the players want, I will write for. whether you want a standard game or a homebrew with lethal and fear-inducing combat, or perhaps a more roleplay-centered environment. I love every aspect of TTRPG, so let's explore the spectrum of possibilities together. I've acquired a lot of experience from playing with different GMs with their own styles, as well as sporting a large repertoire of media that I love to costume from many different genres, all of which have influenced my creativity since young.


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