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About me

Greetings! You can call me Ghost. I'm an avid fan of roleplaying, and have loved D&D ever since I first picked up a set of dice back in high school. My passion for the hobby has followed me throughout every aspect of my life, and I owe many of my relationships, experiences, and fondest memories to this wonderful game. I've successfully ran 3 separate year-long campaigns to completion, and am continuing to hone my skills as a Dungeon Master to this day. Beyond this, I also have hundreds of hours running various one-shot modules both in the Adventurers' League format, and across personal homebrew games. I try to resolve conflicts amicably between players should any arise, and am no stranger to having to deal with awkward situations or disruptive attitudes. I believe D&D is meant to be enjoyed, first and foremost, though I understand that sometimes other's ideas of fun might conflict. In cases like these, you'll find that I take the initiative to handle out of game problems and find a solution that hopes to keep everyone involved happy. On this note, it's important to me that we discuss our boundaries and sensitive topics during Session 0, so that nothing comes as a surprise down the line.

GM style

My DMing style has changed over the years and I’ve found myself comfortable with a mostly roleplay/narrative focused game, and with a panache for taking on the fly suggestions to give campaigns an emergent quality of gameplay and discovery. I enjoy reading about the Forgotten Realms in my spare time, and use what I learn to craft a world rich in lore, with adventure waiting to be found in every corner. I’m experienced with DMing online, and have done so professionally even before the pandemic. In total, I have over 3000+ hours using Roll20, and can offer my expertise to help anyone familiarize themselves with the platform. I’ve also put together my own Discord server to organize the campaign’s details for helping players easily recall important information or engage in roleplay during their downtime. I also offer free text roleplay in between games to help players flesh out their backstories and interests in the world, whether they wish to play out an important event from their character’s past or something as simple as having a drink at the local tavern. It’s very important for me to make every facet of the journey engaging, with character development at the forefront of the experience. I aim to make combat exciting without needing to make it overly deadly, and prefer a good balance that will still challenge my players organically. Combat encounters can almost always be avoided if prepared for, and regularly make use of the terrain to provide puzzle-like elements that make solutions more than just “hit it until it dies.” There are usually at least 3 different win conditions that vary in difficulty, each with their own outcome on the adventure. I know the 5e rulebooks cover-to-cover, though I understand when some rules can be bent to emphasize fun and enjoyment. I mostly try to run rules as written for a consistent experience, but am an avid advocate for the rule-of-cool when my players suggest something awesome. In addition, I’ve crafted my own system of shopkeepers with varying useful items that aim to answer any additional needs your characters might have, be they firepower, new skills, or useful potions, all in an effort to make gaining in-game gold feel like it matters. I run games because I love the stories we can share, whether or not they result in victory, for as long as we tell a tale that we’re proud to have experienced together. Every game I run is a collection of everything I’ve learned across all facets of my life, and a dedication of over 11 years honing my skills in world building, combat, and writing. At the end of the day, I strive to make character sheets feel like more than just a piece of paper with numbers, but instead like real, living people. When I see my players not only succeed, but make their mark on the world that their characters live in, it makes this hobby all worth it for me. If this is what you’re looking for, then I’m certain we will both enjoy playing together for many games to come.

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