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About me

Ever wanted to drink a potion of fire giant strength that had wild magic side effects, roll fire ball on self, die, and then be resurrected by having your soul transmuted into a suit of armour which turns you into a construct? Well look no further! Hi my name is Daniel, and I love TTRPGs and the wacky, nonsensical stuff you can achieve with teamwork from Game Master and the players. I am very hands on with homebrew, to the point of making my own world that changes due to the actions of the players and events that happen in campaigns. This is why I fell in love DMing and why I want to share this fun with more people. To allow interractive storytelling where both the players and DM have a hand in molding into a enjoyable experience. With all that said, I hope you join me in one of my campaigns and be apart of a large world filled with strife, heroism and mystery! It's gonna be a wild ride.

GM style

I am a big believer in the "Rule of Cool." If you want to do something like drop-kicking an owlbear into a trap or have your character backflip off of a giant, then I will definitely let you try. Plus, It sounds dope, and I want to see it happen. Roleplaying I also heavily encouraged and welcomed. I love seeing players go super in detail about how they act as a character and bring the whole storytelling aspect together. Lastly, I try to give my players the freedom to play their characters, interact with the world and what content they want to go through as long as it isn't hurting anyone else's experience.

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