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About me

Gavin has been playing TTRPG for 8 years. Inviting friends to come over; play and just have a blast with everyone. I want to share that feeling with other people, leave the present and escape into a world full of adventure, fantasy, and make-believe. I'm a DM for 5 years. I use discord for voice. My playstyle is usually theatre of the mind, and I always have immersive battle maps (with animations and effects) and handouts for the players. I am fond of showing ambiance art and NPC art as well, to help the imagination of the players and be more immersed in the game. I do various voices for my NPC's to give them more character. What's most important to me when playing D&D is being able to fully enjoy the game with everyone. For instance, if you're about to do something cool, I might bend the rules for you just to let you go at it ("rule of cool"). So I don't always stick to the rules. Taking into account everyone's backstories and personal objectives, Gavin weaves his epics to take that all into account and come up with an experience where everyone has a moment to shine and hopefully will walk away with a story that the party will tell their friends for months to come. This is my safe space, and I aim to share that safety with everyone involved; Lines, veils, and x-cards will be anonymous and unchallenged. Prejudice and abuse will not be tolerated, repeat offenders and their icky money will be kicked out and not invited back.

GM style

I love to roleplay with my players. I always do a variety of character voices making each NPC unique and alive (even though I sound silly). My playstyle is mostly theatre of the mind but I have battle maps for tactical combat and such. I invest most of my prep time integrating the characters' backstory to the game. I enjoy weaving my player's backstory in the game so that their character and game experiences is seamless into the world. All of the players decision will have an effect on the world/game itself.

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