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Hello there! Are you someone looking to explore the gothic landscapes of dread Barovia? Dive deep into the hellish depths of Avernus? Or perhaps you're looking for a wholly unique experience and leave the dusty pages of modules behind? Then allow me to welcome you to my table, a safe place for a group of storytellers to craft a wonderful narrative experience! My modus operandi for DMing has always been the encouragement of player expression. I present to you a game where your choices and voices matter, where your steps set the stage for the world at large. Let's work together to create an awesome narrative of twists and turns that'll leave you speechless. Growing up as a closeted theatre kid and avid fantasy reader/ writer, I was destined to fall in love with TTRPG's since I started telling little stories with my siblings. I've been playing 5e since 2014 and have been DMing since 2016 and over those years I have become obsessed with the craft of fulfilling narratives. Throughout my days of playing, I grew tired of the old cliche of random encounters lacking any flavor or nuance, number crunching for the sake of numbers, and having to play with DM's who seemed to be hosting out of habit rather than passion. I've resolved to be different! If you want a high-energy game with humor, emotion, highs and lows, then I can't wait to play with ya!

GM style

I'd be lying if I said that roleplaying wasn't my absolute favorite parts of these games. Giving life to the world that players interact with has always been the best part of the session. What stems from this is a game where players influence their world, where combat has gravity and reason, and where the story grows alongside the players. Games where players are the masters of their own destinies are my bread and butter! On the mechanical side of things, I'm an avid fan of fresh, delightful battlemaps, thematic music, and interesting character art! I'll work alongside you to cater a world you'll be excited to return to every week!


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