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About me

I got interested in RPGs back in 1979 with the original D&D Basic edition boxed set (the Holmes edition). Since that time I've been in and out of tabletop RPGs. If you were to add up all of the time spent in the hobby, I've got at least 20+ years of being active.

GM style

I really enjoy the act of making a story. If I have a published game scenario I often will look at it as a "starting point" and add or subtract elements to "make it mine". It's a lot of fun to rewrite a 1st-level adventure for 10th-level characters. The other way that I work is with a setting that we all understand very well: Night City is an example, or The Dales. Just let the players run and I stay busy keeping up with them. For those types of plots I often only start with a few goals to achieve. Those stories grow organically. Other than that, my style often includes some humor. I don't do voices very well but I try. As a group we laugh a lot.

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